Current Projects

My Life with the Wolves

Currently in production, My Life with the Wolves is a 20 minute film about the complex relationship between humans and wild animals.  While I've never wanted to step out from behind the camera, this particular story strikes so close to my heart that I couldn't walk away from the opportunity to tell it.  The film follows my own adventures over the last 20 years living and working with captive wolves who've been cast off from the illegal pet trade, Hollywood, fur farms, and innumerable other sources.  For me, it all started one fateful night in a college auditorium when an Ambassador wolf named Rami picked me out of the audience and licked me on the face.  From that moment, I was completely hooked and my life started taking some rather unexpected turns... from living in a tipi with 52 wolves as neighbors, to traveling the country in a converted "Wolf-hound" bus with the ambassador wolves, to writing scripts for reality TV and befriending a 900 lb grizzly bear, to sailing the open ocean.  It's been a crazy ride so far, and I owe it all to the wild animals who've let me into their lives.

To learn more about my life in the field as a filmmaker or about Mission:Wolf please visit the Field Notes page.

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Okeanos Explorer

These days, when I'm not at home filming wildlife around the Rocky Mountains, I'm out sailing the seas aboard the NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer as a video producer for the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration.  During our month-long expeditions we send a remotely operated vehicle down to the sea floor and broadcast what we find out in a live-feed to the world.  You can find an archive of daily-highlight videos I've made for NOAA on my Featured Films page, and follow along in real time each day as we discover new species at

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